Pro Artesana has its roots in the programming of Fundamujer, an important Panamanian NGO that operated for decades to better the situation of women throughout the country. Supported by the U.S. government’s Inter-American Foundation, Fundamujer began its Artisan Production Program in 1997. Over the years, this program trained and worked with 32 groups of female artisans throughout Panama assisting them with production, design, quality control and marketing. When Fundamujer closed in 2006, Pro Artesana was born with initial assistance from Citigroup and the Inter-American Foundation in order to carry on this work. 

Who we are
Pro Artesana is an association led by group of professionals from various disciplines.  It is supported by a broad based membership that includes individuals from both Panama and abroad, as well as a number of important institutional donors.

What we do
Following from our mission to help artisans increase their incomes and establish more of a market presence, Pro Artesana engages in a number of activities toward these ends:

• Channeling and promoting the sales of artisan products in specific outlets in the Panamanian market
• Strengthening capacity in artisan workgroups to increment production
• Motivating the creation of new product lines
• Facilitating the development of new leaders within the different artisan workgroups
• Helping artisan groups build the skills to successfully administrate their own projects
• Assisting with the purchase of raw materials
• Organizing workshops for development of new handicraft design and production skills

Pro Artesana’s main objective is twofold:
1) To augment the family incomes of the artisans with whom we work through the sale of finely crafted, innovative and useful products inspired by Panama’s cultural heritage.
2) To establish a significant and permanent presence in the local—and international—marketplace.